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About Olaplex Treatment

A revolutionary bond multiplier invention by 2 U.S based material scientists and patented product, Olapex Treatment is extremely well received overseas and gaining popularity locally. An premium, high quality, original and authentic product, Olaplex is the first in the market and is an essential insurance during chemical service i.e color, bleach, perm, rebonding  etc, to protect the integrity of the hair and or as a post chemical service to strengthen hair bonds and treat the hair lavishly. Thumbs up treatment voted by numerous chemical customers.

Benefits of Olaplex Hair Treatment

~ Olaplex Treatment is ideal for extremely damaged hair, frizzy hair  
or hair that has lost elasticity due to excessive chemical treatments.
~ Reconstruction of Hair Bonds of Damage Hair
~ Revival of hair strength
~ act as insurance to prevent hair damage during
chemical service.


1) Basic Olaplex Treatment $38
2) Full Olaplex Treatment (Standalone) $88
3) Add on to Hair services @ nominal charges

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